Vegan Garlic & Coriander Pilaf

Garlic & Coriander Pilaff

For an easy but healthy meal, serving 1, follow the recipe and instructions below


  • 70g Red Lentil Rice
  • 90g Warm Vegetable stock
  • 20g Diced white Onion
  • 5g Chopped Garlic/ Puree
  • 3g Chopped fresh Coriander
  • 10g Butter/ Olive oil/ Vegetable oil



  1. Pre heat oven at 190c
  2. Gently melt the butter/ oil in saucepan
  3. Gently cook onion and garlic in the butter for 3 minutes without colour
  4. Add the red lentil rice to the pan
  5. add the warm stock and chopped coriander
  6. Place the mix into a high sided tray and cover with tin foil
  7. Place the covered tray into the pre-heated oven and cook for approximately 15-16 minutes.